Thursday, July 8, 2010

Baby's Got BACK

Hi reading friends,

Just dropping in to say I have not totally abandoned this blog. I had gone on a family trip to Oklahoma in late June, and did not have consistent computer access in our hotel. Plus, I was solo parenting so the idea of having time to blog was laughable.

Then, two days after we returned from the trip, I had sudden onset back pain which has really knocked me over. Long story, but it looks like a disc problem. An MRI in a couple of days should provide some answers and hopefully an action plan.

Until then, painkillers and muscle relaxants are my friends, and I can only write in short little bursts. I've gotten quite a bit of reading done while flat on my back, though. So once I can write again, I'll have fodder for lots of posts.

Send me any good summer reading recommendations that you have!

Reverent Reader


At 7/8/10, 8:09 PM , Blogger Gay said...

You might like Dreamers of the Day

At 7/11/10, 8:10 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

Hi there,
Sorry to hear about your back - must be awful. I am reading most of the books you are recommending on this blog. Right now I am reading Lacuna. Have you read "On Gold Mountain?" by Lisa See?
"Popco" by Scarlett Thomas?
"Cloud Atlas" by David Mitchell?
"Shadow of the Wind" by Carlos Zafron?
Lisa (defunct blogger)

P.S. Yoga and acupuncture has been a great deterrent to my back pain issues.

At 7/13/10, 9:21 PM , Blogger Melynda said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend. I'm anxious to read "The Other Wes Moore" by a guy who grew up in a poor section of Baltimore and not only graduated from college but became a Rhodes scholar and White House Fellow. Meanwhile, a similar-age guy with the exact same name who grew up in the same neighborhood is serving a prison sentence for murder.


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