Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where Did the Week Go?

Sorry, friends - once again I have fallen behind on my blogging. Last week Samuel graduated from kindergarten, which turned out to be much more of an "event" than I had anticipated. There were a couple of other unexpected twists that put me a little behind at work, and suddenly I realize I have not posted in a week. Ouch.

To top it off, "Ex Libris Fides" is taking an already scheduled break beginning tomorrow. S. and G. and I are flying to Oklahoma to visit family, returning on Saturday, June 20.

So, tune in around June 22 for some updates, and send me summer reading recommendations!

Reverent Reader


At 6/15/09, 4:50 PM , Anonymous nancita said...

Congrats to Sam. A big event indeed. I read Julia Glass' I See You Everywhere while on vacation. Recommend it highly. A tale of two sisters told by both. Also am very much into Michael Chabon. Summerland is a fun fantasy that reads a little like it could be a children's story (though much too long for that) but has more depth. Also like The Final Solution (stylistically tribute to Sherlock Holmes type books) and The Yiddish Policeman's Union (sort of 1940's detective noir style). All are different styles. This summer I plan to tackle Kavalier and Clay. Enjoy OK.


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