Tuesday, September 9, 2008


The Prayer Tree
by Michael Leunig

Many of you know that I am still working through grief over the death on July 21 of my friend KB. The following two prayers are from "The Prayer Tree," which was a book that KB gave me for my ordination on September 12, 1993. These poetic words have spoken to me in new ways as I have sifted through old memories and tried to focus on being thankful for what was rather than being sad for what can never be again. I suppose I will always carry this sadness, but lately its weight is more bearable. It's like a normal part of my backpack rather than a whole extra suitcase.

Here are Leunig's words:

We give thanks for our friends.
Our dear friends.
We anger each other.
We fail each other.
We share this sad earth, this tender life, this precious time.
Such richness. Such wildness.
Together we are blown about.
Together we are dragged along.
All this delight.
All this suffering.
All this forgiving life.
We hold it together.

And the next one...

When the heart
Is cut or cracked or broken
Do not clutch it
Let the wound lie open

Let the wind
From the good old sea blow in
To bathe the wound with salt
And let it sting.

Let a stray dog lick it
Let a bird lean in the hole and sing
A simple song like a tiny bell
And let it ring

Let it go. Let it out.
Let it all unravel.
Let it free and it can be
A path on which to travel.

Still traveling,

Reverent Reader


At 9/9/08, 10:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss her too. It's all pretty surreal still.


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