Friday, May 2, 2008

One Just For Fun

One For The Money
by Janet Evanovich

Sometimes you just have to lighten things up a little bit. This book is not going to set the intellectual or social commentary world on fire, but it's great for a beach, airport, or metro read. This is the first of a long series of Stephanie Plum detective novels that Evanovich has written. Lots of people in my congregation enjoy Janet Evanovich, so I figured it was time to give her a try. I was not disappointed.

Stephanie Plum is a scrappy Jersey girl who works as a bounty hunter for her cousin who is a bail bondsman. The book is narrated in first person, and Plum has a self-deprecating, Carol Burnett-ish way about her that makes the book a scream. The story is full of sleazoid characters, most of whom Evanovich manages to make likable. Evanovich subtly reminds readers that many people who get into less than ideal (and often less than legal) jobs - such as prostitution, drug running, or bounty hunting did not have aspirations to get there. People will do almost anything when they are desperate to survive. The character of Lula in One For The Money teaches us that.

This is a fun read, and you can knock it off on a rainy afternoon. I would compare Evanovich with Lindsey Davis or Carl Hiaasen, although I do not think she is quite as original as Davis or as clever as Hiaasen. Nevertheless, sometimes you just want to kick back and eat a bag of M &Ms. This is the literary equivalent of doing that. ENJOY!

Reverent Reader

P.S. More bad news - S. now has strep throat also. We have had to postpone our trip to NYC to see T. and S. Bummer. Pray for us that we can get everyone healthy and keep them that way.


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