Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Sweet Obsession

Goodnight Moon
by Margaret Wise Brown

There has been a major change in G., our almost two-year-old, in the past couple of weeks. Seemingly overnight, he has become a bibliophile! He has been looking at books for several months now, but all of a sudden, he loves to be read to. He goes to his bookshelf, gets a stack of books, comes to an available adult, and says "Lap." He then climbs up and listens attentively to several books. Even better, he now has the attention span for a book that tells a real story, something like The Cat in The Hat or Robert the Rose Horse. It's very cuddly, sweet, and fun.

That's the good news. The other part, which is still good news but starting to wear a little thin, is that he has developed a distinct favorite book. This is one that S. liked as well, but now dismisses as "boring" and "too babyish" (with all the accumulated worldly wisdom of a four-year-old). G.'s favorite, the one we read four times for every one time that we read something else is . . .you guessed it . . .Goodnight Moon. It is a lovely little nighttime lullaby book, but we read it in the morning. And after breakfast. And before naps. And when we wake up cranky from naps. You get the idea. We really don't mind. It is precious time with him. I am getting worried, though, that the somnolent rhymes are getting so ingrained in my brain that they will come out at the wrong time - like during a pastoral prayer (We ask your strength and comfort for the little toyhouse, and the young mouse. We commend the kittens and the mittens to your care. We especially pray for the old lady whispering "hush."). I suppose this is a phase that will pass like all the others, but I hope not too quickly.

G. either calls the book "Moon!" or "Nite Nite Moon." Heartbreakingly cute.

Reverent Reader


At 2/6/08, 10:47 PM , Blogger reverendmother said...

Hee hee...

The divine miss m is obsessed with Are You My Mother, which strikes me as a heartbreaking book. The one page featuring a very small image of the bird on an otherwise blank page with the line, "Did he have a mother?" always gets me.

At 2/6/08, 11:00 PM , Blogger Reverent Reader said...

We have "Are You My Mother?" which is kind of a sad one, you are right. At least it works out in the end. These kids are too young to find out yet that it doesn't always happen that way.

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