Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sad and Lonely, But That's Not All

The God of Animals
by Aryn Kyle

People who like and work with horses will like this book, but the horses are not the whole story. The main story is the people who earn their livelihood from the horses. It is amazing how many books there are out there, both fiction and non-fiction, about dysfunctional families full of sorrowful and isolated people. Often, you find bitterness and various levels of insanity thrown in as well. It is not so easy to find "happily ever after" books, probably because life rarely turns out that way. Lots of times, though, you find books that are not happily ever after but "We endured it, we did all right, we grew, and there were moments of beauty and grace." I am staggered by how many times I can read variations on this theme. As long as someone writes it and writes it well, I will keep reading them. Over and over again, I find myself drawn into these types of narratives, and when they are well done the characters become as real as people we meet in life all the time.

Kyle's book is a bittersweet rendering of this theme. I do not want to give away too much about the characters, because there are several who could fill a post by themselves. I will just say that it is painful to witness Joe's flagging optimism and his misdirected anger at his daughter Alice, Nona's bitter resignation, and Marian's withdrawn despair. The adolescent Alice, who is just crying out to be noticed and appreciated, is also a poignant character. The book's title comes from Alice wondering if there is a God, and if so, does God watch after animals. "It just seems as if there should be someone looking out for them," she says wistfully. It is painfully clear that she needs and wants someone to be looking out for her too. Isn't that what we all want - to know that we do not face life's hardships and disappointments and disasters alone?

Kyle also does a subtle and effective job of showing the distinctions between economic and social classes in the United States. The wealthy women whom Alice calls "The Catfish," who board their horses at her father's barn, have no idea how other people live or what their struggles are. They assume that everyone within their sphere lives at their level of affluence and has all the options that they have. Their sly jabs at people who do not have their money and privilege really ring true. You want to shake them for being so clueless.

By the end of the story, though, we come to see that not everyone is as they seem. One of the catfish provides Alice with the possibility of a better future. Another character who at first is a spoiled little rich girl matures into an insightful and gracious young person. The privileged women have problems of their own, and everyone is trying to muddle through the best that they can.

It's seldom a bed of roses, but it's not all bad either. In fact, there is more to be grateful for than not. Kind of like life.

Reverent Reader


At 2/20/08, 8:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was one of my favorite books I read in 07. I really liked Alice and what she had to say...definitely an "old soul." And I found lots of the horsy stuff very interesting...not something I know a lot about, obviously.


At 2/20/08, 9:40 PM , Blogger Reverent Reader said...

E - I agree, Alice is a great character. I thought the whole story was very moving.

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