Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yummy Soul Food

Interesting article in the Food Section of the Washington Post on October 10 about "vegan soul" food. I would have thought that was an oxymoron, but the article was fairly convincing. There was also interesting stuff about the roots of the term and concept of soul food in the African American community. So . . . what do you think of as soul food? DISCUSS.

Spaghetti, homemade chicken and noodles, and chocolate chip cookies (homemade - NOT Chips Ahoy!) immediately come to mind (especially when the cookies are warm and served with milk).

AND . . .what is food for your soul? What restores and rejuvenates you and makes you excited to embark on the adventure of another day? Again . . .DISCUSS.

Awesome music, especially amazing songwriting (John McCutcheon, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Carrie Newcomer come to mind) . . .roughhousing with my little boys . . .laughing long and hard . . .a group of friends gathered around a table for a good meal and lively conversation . . .late night or early morning talks with my beloved when the rest of the house is quiet (these are rare, but we can dream) . . .family outings like picnics and apple-picking . . .reading (DUH!).

Wishing anyone reading this a day filled with soul food and food for the soul.


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At 10/11/07, 9:18 PM , Blogger reverendmother said...

Carrie Newcomer is my favorite singer-songwriter. Were we separated at birth?

At 10/11/07, 10:19 PM , Blogger LeAnn said...

First off, thanks for the invite! Fun reading about your reading:>)

As for soul food... homemade beef stew, homemade chicken pot pie, pirogies with grilled onions, jasmine green tea, and high quality dark chocolate (fair trade, of course, so I am not burdened about the thought of children being enslaved for my culinary benefit!!!)

Food for my soul... belly laughs, especially with my son and hubby, time in my hammock in the back yard, watching the woods do its thing... slowly, engaging conversation with friends old and new, playing games with people who are good winners/good losers, reading a good book, a walk in the woods with my son or gal pal

I would concur with the music part as well... especially music with excellent lyrics, an preferably acoustic. I am a big fan of Indigo Girls, Lyle Lovett, Nora Jones, Ella Fitzgerald, and more recently Dixie Chicks and Jill Phillips (Christian song writer, which is not normally a turn on for me, but she is EXCELLENT... I highly recommend her. I have her albums Writing on the Wall and Nobody's Got it all Together... iTunes has her... check her out!!!)

At 10/15/07, 4:38 PM , Anonymous Chan said...

Ahhh...Soul food. I think that "soul" and "comfort" food are roughly the same thing. For me it has to be things like meatloaf, fried chicken (not that KFC stuff), beans, ham, mashed 'taters and beef stew to name a few.

One trend I have noticed in restaurants is the addition of what I call "upscale comfort" food to menus. I was at a nice, trendy place in Dallas recently that has this element. The place was Hattie's and it is located in the fantastic Bishop Arts District. I had the shrimp and grits, but it was presented in a gourmet way. Other items on the menu were meatloaf and a quarter chicken with rosemary rub. Faaan-tastic.

Food for my soul, well that would include: music, especially live (notably Wilco, Ryan Adams, Chris Knight, Johnny Cash, Whiskeytown, Miles Davis, My Morning Jacket, Gram Parsons and a whole lot more), Saturdays in the fall, stories of determination, heroism or unquestionable valor, a woman's laugh, quoting movie lines, a simple comfortable t-shirt, friendships, hitting an awesome golf shot, naps and a lot more.


At 10/15/07, 7:58 PM , Blogger Reverent Reader said...

Leann - great list, although I have to say I prefer milk chocolate to dark chocolate. Which brings me to another soul food - homemade fudge at Christmastime!

At 10/15/07, 8:01 PM , Blogger Reverent Reader said...

Yo little bro - awesome list you've got there. Some other soul foods that come to mind that may not resonate to anyone but our family: homemade ice cream (especially banana), sugar/cream pie at Thanksgiving, Mimi's chocolate pie and Mom's butterscotch pie. Gotta go raid the refrigerator now . . .

At 10/15/07, 10:03 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leslie and Chan, how did you leave off Presbyterian Chicken?!!?


At 10/16/07, 10:19 AM , Blogger Reverent Reader said...

True - Presbyterian Chicken is soul food beyond measure. Maybe I should post the recipe. That would be straying just a little far afield from the supposed purpose of the blog though . . .

At 10/16/07, 10:27 AM , Anonymous Chan said...

I OD'd on Pres. Chicken in about 1993. Once you all were out of the coop I swear we had it 3 times a week. Can't do it much anymore.

At 10/16/07, 7:48 PM , Blogger Tarzan said...

green chili stew,brown beans aint bad to say nutin of cheese grits

At 10/17/07, 5:12 PM , Anonymous Nancita said...

Soul food - fried green tomatoes (yes I'm a yankee but learned to eat and make then in Jersey), my grandmother's chocolate or butterscotch pie; homemade tomato or vegetable soup; and of course homemade fudge at Christmas.
Food for my soul: my children, sitting on my grandmother's old kitchen stool and making one of her recipes, being immersed in a good book and letting the world go by.
Awesome music - Diane Reeves comes to mind

At 10/17/07, 6:40 PM , Blogger Reverent Reader said...

Nancita! Welcome to the blog, girlfriend! Isn't this a fun way to stay connected? Good call on the fried green tomatoes!


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