Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Welcome to Ex Libris Fides

Hello - I hope the fact that you have wandered into this blog means that you love books and reading as much as I do. Starting a book blog seemed like a fun way to reconnect with some old friends and perhaps make some new ones along the way. At any given time, I have a couple of books going and several magazines, plus newspapers and internet articles. Magazines that I read regularly include Vanity Fair, Mother Jones, Sojourners, and (dare I admit it publicly?) People. Also scan Time and/or Newsweek pretty much every week and The Christian Century bi-weekly. Plus I occasionally treat myself to the New Yorker or Utne Reader. I read at least part of The Washington Post every day. However, books are my first love. I like novels, memoirs, history, sociology/anthropology, and have even been making some forays into science writing (reading it, I mean). My main thing is stories, the connections that they build between people, the reconciliations that they make possible, and the ways that stories point us to THE STORY of God's ongoing relationship with humanity and all of creation. On this blog, I will be regularly posting comments from various things that I read and invite you to respond. I also dearly love new book and magazine recommendations. Whenever and from wherever you are reading this, I wish you peace and the joy of reading. Bear with me - I am a new blogger, but hope to get the hang of it soon!

Leslie (aka "Reading Rev")


At 10/11/07, 1:41 PM , Blogger Erin Duffy said...

I'm honored to be the first to comment on your blog! Look forward to reading more!

Erin (the Sister)

At 10/11/07, 3:02 PM , Blogger reverendmother said...

We have a lot of magazines in common!

Welcome to the blogosphere. It's fantastically fun.

At 10/11/07, 3:54 PM , Blogger jledmiston said...

This is great!!
So glad you are doing this -

At 10/11/07, 4:38 PM , Anonymous Pam said...

Girl -- great idea! I'll keep checking -- cause you know I always need a book to read!!

At 10/11/07, 5:53 PM , Blogger angela said...


I am so impressed with your blog creation. Thanks for including me! I will pass it onto my book club and other friends who are big readers. Looking forward to many great reading suggestions and commentaries from you.

Angela Thornhill

At 10/12/07, 11:49 PM , Blogger Rick Rockwell said...

Congrats on joining the blogosphere.

Great reading choices. I'm looking forward to your reviews.

At 10/15/07, 4:14 PM , Anonymous Chan Klingensmith said...

This is a great idea. Looking forward to seeing what all you talk about and discuss. I find myself reading more and more blogs as time goes by so this one will defintiely be added to my "favorites" section.

Chan (the brother)

At 10/16/07, 7:41 PM , Blogger Tarzan said...

Since the day I saw you or your sister (damned if I could ever tell you apart) at about age 6 or seven walk across the room to turnoff the TV because it was bothering your reading I knew books were going to play a big part in your life (lives). Of course I had to endure a lot of lonely van trips because your nose was in a book but it was worth it. Congratulations on your new blog and I will try to make an occasional contribution. Tarzan

At 10/16/07, 9:21 PM , Anonymous Flounder said... that one word, or is it two? Huh? Anyway....from here on out I shall post as "Flouner".

As you were.

At 10/16/07, 9:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damnit, I messed that up. Should be "FLOUNDER".

At 10/17/07, 7:56 PM , Blogger Tarzan said... is one word,however it is spelled henceforth.....I may mistype but I seldom misspell...........


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