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Sunday, October 28
Sunday Source

This is too much fun to not discuss. Page 2 of yesterday's Sunday Source says "What's Your Halloween Candy Personality?" This could be it - the window into one another's soul that we've all been waiting for. Or not. But it's entertaining anyway.

Personally, being someone who likes sweets, I like most of the candy listed, with the exception of Good-n-Plentys. Licorice is totally disgusting. Here are a few of the Halloween top sellers listed:

Butterfinger: Evasive, slippery, not necessarily to be trusted. (WHAT? Here's my rewrite: For the discerning palate that enjoys two flavors and textures at once. Flexible, surprising and high energy!) Needless to say, I like Butterfinger!

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups: Generous souls, those who understand the salty in life, as well as the sweet.

Snickers: Just going with the crowd. The safe candy choice, guaranteed to please the masses. Not ambitious, but dependable.

Twizzlers: Sickos. Truly Demented. Plastic people living plastic lives.

Must confess, I occasionally get Twizzlers when I am craving a sweet and want to avoid the fat and calories of chocolate. Twizzlers always sound better than they turn out to be. And the newfangled multi-flavored packs (apple, tangerine, blueberry, etc) look appealing, but are absolutely awful.

Check out the article on if you are curious about other favorite Halloween treats. There also is a paragraph by Steve Almond from his book Candyfreak, which is about the enchanted world of candy. I've been meaning to read the book for several years, but have not gotten around to it yet.

We carved pumpkins in our household tonight, and are all in the Halloween spirit. I think your choice of jack-o-lantern says something about personality as well. In our household, E. always does the standard jack 'o lantern - triangle eyes, triangle nose, a mouth with three teeth. He thinks if you use a little pumpkin saw instead of a butcher knife there is no sport to the event whatsoever. I like to do something easy but just a little different. I usually use a pattern and make winking eyes or a round mouth or something. This year I did crossed eyes and a mouth that looks like it's singing.

For G., we still carve our traditional (for the last five years anyway) "baby" pumpkin - round eyes and oval nose and toothless mouth. E. put one tooth in this year. We probably have one or two years left with this one, then G. will demand something different. S. likes a "spooky" pumpkin. Last year he had me carve the word "creepy" into his pumpkin. This year he settled for a bat perched on top of a tiny jack 'o lantern. Definitely the most time consuming of the bunch.

What is YOUR favorite Halloween candy?
What kind of face do you like to carve?


Reverent Reader


At 10/30/07, 9:58 AM , Anonymous Nancita said...

Favorite Candy - Three Musketeers or Milky Way. Really anything chocolate.
Favorite pumpkin: I am rarely the one carving but we usually have two scary angular faces. My favorite was probably about 20 years ago. We had a pumpkin that wasn't carved and stayed out on our porch into December. Shortly before Christmas one night the Christmas elves painted a Santa face on the pumpkin. Our boys were astounded and the Santa pumpkin survived through Christmas.

Did you hear the NPR story this weekend about the book Quarantine by Jim Crace? Have you ever read it? See the NPR website Book page for the piece. Sounds very intriguing.

At 10/30/07, 11:06 AM , Blogger Reverent Reader said...

Hey Nancita - no, I have not read "Quarantine." Will have to investigate. Thanks very much for the tip, and I wish you a Halloween filled with Three Musketeers and Milky Ways!


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